Voronoi Hatch

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When I first started to work with my pen plotter I made a script to test hatchings methods with different pens. It was a fairly simple program that would just put as many lines as possible on a piece of paper following certain shapes. It had no other purpose than that.

But eventually I started to play around with it and added a Voronoi pattern to it. It turned this practical script into a more visually appealing one. The organic effect of the Voronoi pattern blends well with all the parallel lines that compose the design

Type : Random Limited Edition 5 (series of 3) 
Paper : A4 Fabriano Black 300g/m² - 21 × 29.7cm
Pens :  Posca 0.7mm
Colors : gold - silver - rose gold 
Programming language : Processing
Robot : AxiDraw V3 pen plotter
Year : 2021 




📦  I ship my work internationally, in a flat package. I make sure to protect drawing in a sealed plastic bag. Cardboard is added to avoid bending during the trip. Finally it's sent in a padded envelope for maximum protection.

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