Pixel Landscape

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This piece is based on the Perlin noise function. That's what gives it this landscape effect. If you stand away from it, it looks smooth and organic. When you get closer so see a more pixelated effect. That's because this design is made entirely of straight lines. Using both black and red ink adds more contrast to the piece and bring more movement to it. 

Type : Limited Edition of 3 
Paper : A4 Daler Rowney 220g/m² smooth- 21 × 29.7cm
Pens :  Sakura Micron PN
Colors : Black - Red
Programming language : Javascript
Robot : AxiDraw V3 pen plotter
Year : 2021 



📦  I ship my work internationally, in a flat package. I make sure to protect drawing in a sealed plastic bag. Cardboard is added to avoid bending during the trip. Finally it's sent in a padded envelope for maximum protection.

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