Pattern Grid Chaos (NFT & Print)

Pattern Grid Chaos is a generative art work where patterns of 3 colors (red, blue, yellow) overlap each other, to reveal an abstract stained-glass visual. This process creates an illusion that tricks the eye into seeing the full color spectrum. On some occasions it's very bright like rainbows, and sometimes it takes beautiful pastel notes. The line pattern crossing each other will also reveal new textures and shapes. It can look like glitches (old TV noise is the first thing that comes to mind) or it can take a more organic form like complex waves.

Physical Print A3 

NFT edition. JPG/SVG export available


The piece is available on fxhash as an NFT. You can mint your own for 4XTZ, and It will generate a new piece for you. I will be stored on your wallet, and you will have access to a JPG and SVG export on the fxhash page. Owning the NFT is mandatory to get a physical piece of this series. 


I love NFTs, but physical pieces are even better. If you own a NFT edition, you are entitled to get a physical print made with my trusty pen plotter (and signed with my less trusty hand). Keep in mind, I will only plot a given piece once. It means that if you get Pattern Grids Chaos on the secondary market, you'll need to get in contact with the previous owner if it was already plotted. 

To acquire your physical version of Pattern Grid Chaos, you'll need to follow those steps :

  • Own a NFT version of Pattern Grid Chaos ( available on fxhash ) 
  • Send 40XTZ to this wallet : tz1LthmmHuQAEAKQ9GBC5xS4mhzrKxrWNado. (It's the same I use on my fxhash page) .
  • Use the same wallet that currently holds the NFT for the transaction.
  • Make sure the piece has not been plotted yet ( check out the list bellow the form) 
  • Fill in the form bellow and submit it. 

When this is done I will plot your design and send it to the location of your choice. 

Editions already plotted 

- none